Day 177 - 38kms


Yesterday signalled the last day that I would have to run an ultra-marathon, this meant that from here on in I would only be doing 42kms or shorter I reach my planned destination for the evening. 

Today's destination being Farallon. I small beach village that is kind of stuck I the middle of resort towns, in really not sure how they have kept there authenticity whilst neighbouring villages have all sold up big and had 30 story resort buildings built in place of the fishing shacks. 

I instantly loved this place and was so happy I found a kind, quiet little village to have what would be my last day off in before reaching the finish. 

I stayed at a tiny hostel that when I turned up the lady said they were closed but after a short chat he said she would be happy to open for the night but I would have to put up with some mess from the painting her and he husband were doing. Perfect.

I wet to the mini supermarket and bought some chicken and rice, a few onions and a garlic and made a delicious lunch. I walk to the end of the village where there was a little bar on the beach and order a cold beer. I swam in the ocean. I was so happy. 

I have 4 days on the coast before turning slightly inland for the remainder of my route to the Big Smoke.