Day 176 - 47kms


I left Aquadulce with a ever growing feeling that the experience was coming to an end and that I needed to see, small and hear everything around for if I didn't it would only be me missing out o all of the beautiful detail that this part of the word has to offer. 

As it turns out, today's run didn't had a whole lot of super interesting things along the way no matter how hard I tried to seek them out. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the days run or learn a little more about Panama. It's just there was no waterfalls next to the road or dozens of animals around. 

Penomone was the main town for the state named after it. It is the only state or territory in the world to have coastline I two oceans. Both the Pacific and the Atlantic in this case, with only 214kms on land in between them.

Penomone wasn't a tourist town but i don't mind that at all. I love I see locals live as though they would if there wasn't tourist industry around that they needed to comply to. The restaurants don't serve anything but local food, the people don't speak anything but Spanish and there isn't giant Advertising signs everywhere.

I stayed in a little hotel with a pool. It rain harder than I had seen in months that afternoon. I sat on a veranda typing emails as it gushed over the rims of every gutter in site.

It rained again at night. Sounded like there was a marching band practicing on the roof of my room. 

I didn't mind. I fall asleep pretty quickly these days.