Day 175- 43kms


I was heading for Aquadulce today. A towns name that translates to Sweet water,  was intrigued to see if the vibe lived up to the title.

I got into town around 1pm after some nice running through big business agriculture. 

Plenty of million dollar corn mills and large scale livestock setups. I guess being prime land and only 200kms from Panama City and the Canal makes it a pretty sort after area for Ag companies.

The town was nice, it had a nice little square, nothing as quaint as the towns in Rural Mexico or Guatemala, but certainly a lot cutie than most of the towns I have seen recently sines sticking in close proximity to the InterAmerican Highway.

Stay the night in a Hostel which had AC and cable TV. 

So naturally I put the AC on full blast and watched sport. It was the first time I 3 or 4 days I could cool down and allow myself I really relax. It also had a hot shower, so after sitting on the floor of the shower for 5 mins I did my stretches and had a good scrub.

Tomorrow I go to Penomone, another decent sized town before shooting back to the coast. 

Not long now guys. Not long at all.

Cherishing every Kms I run.