Day 174 - 45kms


Odd day today. It started with the highly entertaining event of a protest block the construction clad Interamerican. The disgruntled crown strategically choose a section of the road works that forced the normally 3 lane wife highway in a single lane pass. 

It meant they was a giant traffic jam next to me most of my morning. 

It meant even more strange looks that I usually get and plenty of vocal encouragement. 

My energy crashed around lunchtime, for the first time in months I opted for so sugar energy and bought some cookies to give the boost to get through the remainder of my kms for the day. 

I feel like I'm in a really iterated place mentally, I am suffering some pretty bad fatigue after the big milage I did in Costa Rica and I'm also less than two weeks from my goal. It makes so a weird mix of emotions, I think the excitement is winning out at the moment, but it does mean I will sleep for a week after I finish in the City.

I finished my day with a meeting of a stranger called Danny, I quickly started talking I him and he sauces red I jump in his car so he could drop me 3kms down a nearby dirt road to a beach. I slept the night in my LoneRider tent with a nice cross wind and the crash of the pacific oceans against the beach.


I woke up today know I had a bland day of running, so I packed up my tent and went for it. 

I was consumed by thoughts of my future for most of the day, in fact most days are now primarily filled with thoughts of my near and far future. 

Running has helped me greatly in prioritising what's important in my life, it's something about suffering on a physical basis that can clear your mental frame of mind up.

By going travelling and experiencing other cultures that gives you far better perspective of your own life. Where you fit in, how fortunate you are.

So you can imagine running as much as I have and experience the whole of Central America in sic details how much clarity I have right now. It's is clear what I want to achieve next year. 

I finished the days run along side a beach again and decided to camp on the sand. 

Panama safety concerns are not as high as other places in Central America. The country has a strong economy and a fair government. 

Petty crime is around in country where the people a desperate and have no support from above them.

I spent the arvo hanging around a blowhole on the point at one end of the beach and exploring the island at the other end of the beach once the tide went down and it was able to be reach by foot.

Not a person in sight, just the birds and monkeys and me. I hike back up to local eatery from an early dinner whilst watching the sunset and was into my tent by the time it was dark and the bugs had there chance to get me. 


50k on the nose today in Santiargo. The biggest town for a few days and one that has plenty of American food places, banks and shops. 

It's was particularly hot today and I guess I was getting slightly negative towards the end of the run.

I was uncomfortable, I hadn't showered in a few days. Staying as comfortable as possible is a priority on the heat. At this stage of the run, it is not a question of if my legs can run the required distance or if I can hydrate enough, it is more like keeping my feet from getting soggy and blistering from my socks being drenched fro sweat coming down my legs, keeping my skin in ok condition considering the 8 hours of blistering heat it is exposed to and trying to do as good a job at damage control on my thigh chafe.

It really effects my moral when I am uncomfortable. Little things like my eye lids stinging from the continuous of wiping the sweat off them before it gets in my eyes, I know that sounds petty, but it get to you after a while.

I happy to be getting through the kms and proud that I am still bringing this much energy to the table this late in the challenge. 

I stayed in a rank Chinese hotel. I mean, not the worst I've stayed in, but not far off it.