Day 157 - 34kms

I was back on the ferry heading back to the mainland, I loved my day on the island, it was a place I was so looking forward to seeing and it had lived up to all expectations.  

I still have my dream of riding a horse around the island. Maybe next time.  

Todays run was from the ferry terminal to the San Juan Del Sur, a surf town which had made quite a name for its self as a backpacker hangout. 

So, I ran 14kms South with the lake on my left and then turned right and ran 25kms to the coast. 

i reached the coast and was met by some amazing views and a nice on shore breeze on my seriously sweaty face.  

There was a selection of rolling hill on my way to the coast but the last 5kms was a nice little down hill roll that I eased down into town.  

Mi town a taco place and really indulged myself.