Day 154 - 44kms

I sitting in the first Capitial City I have been on since Mexico City, although I ran through Belize City it was more of a large town and I didn't spend the night there.

it not by chance I have managed to avoid running through major Capitial cities, it is not that nice and a lot more dangerous. Not only because there were more people around and the condition streets were not kept to scratch, but also the amount of traffic makes it a high risk area to run in.

I needed to get across the other side of the city today so I could have a clear route out the other side for the mornings run. So, I decided to really run hard and be aggressive in the way in which I managed the traffic and crowds. This would ensure I would be off the roads faster but also make it clear to any sketchy characters that I was both far ito fast for them to mess with me but also that I was on a mission and not I the mood to be approached or anything of the like. 

I covered the 9kms of inner city running and was in the hostel by 1pm. 

One of the advantage of being on a big city is the abundance of options to eat at and the healthy compition driving prices down.  

Mi only left the hostel twice that afternoon, once to get some local food, and the other to get some groceries for dinner.

more and more during this run I have become obsessed with fuelling my self after the days run with both water and food.  

Tonight I ate some pasta and drank I would think 7L of water.  

Great to reach Managua. It's defiantly a milestone.