Day 150 - 56kms

Loved sleeping the night in a virtual art gallery. 

I woke up just as the sun was coming up and was immediately offered coffee and asked if I was ready for breaky, I then did five minutes of stretching out on the deck before I was invited into the old sandstone kitchen. Great way to start the day. I had another two coffees also.  

I started running and quickly got into a rhythm. I was pleased with this as I had a long straght 6 hours of running before reaching the capital of the northern region of Nicaragua. 

I stopped a couple of times to talk to a few locals and get a fresh supply of water.   

I reached the city by 1pm and then it was just another 16kms to a smaller town called Chichitango. I chose to stay in this town because I meant I was only 30kms to Leon. 

I ran fast in the rain. It was getting heavy by the time I was approaching my destination. 

I found a hotel with good internet and aircon.  I was a little more expensive than I had hoped but I wanted the comfort and facilities to call my family. So I took it.

i also needed to watch the wallabies replay haha. 

big day, good effort.