Day 173 - Restday


I spent today enjoying the mountain feel of Boquete. I little town wedged high up in the Boquete Valley. 

The temperature was vastly cooler than I had become accustom to since dropping down to sea level out of the Sierra Madre mountain range I the south of Guatemala a couple of months ago. 

I came as welcome relief, I could feel my cells retaining fluid that would usually be burnt up. 

The tow had a cute little Central square with a couple of older colonial style council building around it exterior and lots of little bakeries and gift shops. 

The hostel was brilliant, it had bee a least a week since I had had a conversation with someone who spoke English as their first language and so it was nice to have a few decent conversations. 

My Spanish is getting pretty good within a. Limited range of topics. Obviously ordering food, accommodation, why I am out here and basic pleasantries are all areas that I can hold my own in. But it is nice to have a bit more of an in depth chat every once in a while.

Tomorrow I will be running to San Lorenzo.....I think. I know this next 150kms has a whole lot of nothing. Seems to me like most of the population and consequently the accommodation options are further in the southern parts of the country, or certainly closer to the Capital.