Day 172 - 54kms


Today was interesting, I was to cross the boarder first up and then run to David. From there, I needed to get a bus off my route North East up into the mountains to sleep at a town called Boquete. It would be this same town I will check out tomorrow on my day off. Recently voted in the top 5 places I the world to retire. 

I crossed the boarder after some back and forth to a couple different offices and the a wait behind a bunch of tourist that pulled up in their massive bus about 90 seconds before I got there, kind of annoying.

After getting my passport stamped and going to the ATM to get some US dollars (Panamanian balboa are non existent) I was off. It was a long straight grind to reach David. Once I did I ran by a giant house fire and multiple American fast food outlets. I found the bus terminal that was sending buses up to Boquete in the mountains. 

I was ready for a day off, really big 5 day effort, 

I'm going to be interested to see just how much US influence is present I Panama. It certainly looks like Panama has really bought into the American culture or maybe America just never left after handing over the control of the canal 450kms south of here. 

I couldn't believe the drop in temp from when I got on the bus at David compared to when I got off an hour later in Boquete. It reminded me of my times I the mountains in Mexico or Gustemala. 

Central America is incredible how it can pack so many different environments into such a small area. One of the main reasons I pick this slab of earth to run through.

Found the hostel and ate for the first tine in Panama. I'm hoping it isn't as expressive as Costa Rica. Funds are running low.