Day 171 - 37kms


Today was slightly shorter. The distance that the town I slept at last night was an odd length from the boarder. Boarder crossings can take some time and the first really town on the Panama aside of the boarder was 20kms away. 

In the end I didn't want to risk doing it all in one lot, getting stuck in a long line at the boarder and then leaving my self exposed. With not a bed or any food options in sight. 

I have come to the conclusion that I do like to camp, but with these hot days and long distances. Am covering, I am going to try to find a hotel. It's not the sleeping aspect tat is the big difference for me. It's the access to tap water, access to being able to was myself and and fan to cool down. With the tap water being suitable to drink in both Costa Rica and Panama, I have been saving about $10 a day in not having to purchase the 8 or 10 litres to have been consuming daily. So although camping is a cheaper option, the pros out way the cons in taking a cheap hotel room. It not the comfort factor, i don't think twice about what the room looks like or what wall paper they have chosen to go with and of it suits the rest of the decor in the room. The fact of it is 90% of the rooms I stay in at exposed damp brick, with a bed, a basin and maybe a red plastic chair sitting I the corner. 

It was exciting know this was my last day of running in Costa Rica. It was the country that I identified early on in the trip to really push some limits in. I feel I have done that, my average day must be up near 50kms and with only one day off in 12 days, I feel my application was good also. 

Sometimes, particularly late on in the challenge I just need something small to motivate for the days run. Today was that fact that it would be my last in Costa Rica.

It must have Ben one of the hottest days of the run today. The heat is getting very intolerable!!!! I feel my muscles and organs burning when I'm out there. Even my throat gets sore for the hot air that I breathe in.

I reached the boarder in a bit of a state, I found a hotel in a bit of a state. After what must of been a rocked check in time, I walked straight into the room, into the bathroom and sat fully clothed under a cold shower for 15 mins. Trying to stop my insides from frying any longer. 

I felt bad abut the amount of water I used in the shower but I thought I would have been forgiven if I had a chance to explain why such a long shower was needed. 

I had some of the best food I had had in Costa Rica. Once and 2pm after my shower, I then proceeded to go back to the same restaurant at 5pm and 8pm to get repeats of the same dish. (Pictured). It's called Casados and it is CR's national dish. So good for you and perfect fuel.