Day 170 - 52kms


I got on the road reluctantly this morning, my body was tired, and I felt I might of just been starting to loose the battle to stay hydrated in these 38 degree 100% humidity parts of our beautiful world.

I was heading to Rio Claro, which I can only translate to English saying "of course River", so already I liked the towns positive attitude. 

Today was steady, rolling hills through some of the more rural and intimately poorer parts of Costa Rica. Back to the same architecture that I was so used to seeing in the northern parts of my run; wooden shacks and thatched roofs, lots of family activity happening around the home and more animals in the yards.

I was spent by the days end. I was also hungry, so I stopped at a place on the highway about halfway through Rio Claro, I had some great food and opted to stay in one of the room they kept universe the Soda (local restaurant), 

Needless to say I was I bed by about 6pm. I fell asleep listening to another one of the ever increasing down pours that roll over evening evening like clockwork.