Day 169 - 45kms


I woke up for of gusto (that's right Gusto) after such a great afternoon with Tim, I was looking forward to a day of reflecting on some of his words and processing my thoughts on them.

Today went really quickly, which is now what I want as I have less than 20 days of running to go. I spent most of the afternoon looking up into the trees to see f I could spot any monkey after seeing two hanging from a tree right above my head in the morning. 

I also saw a couple of bilbi looking things.

Costa Rica is bursting with biodiversity, the animals and plants here are blowing my mind. The other day came out of my dorm room to find two fully grown Toucans sitting on the railing 2 meters away from me. I thought to myself that people in Sydney pay $38 to visit Taronga Zoo to see this kind of stuff. 

I finished my day at Palmar Norte, I was running fast today but the rain beat me by about 10 minutes. I knew it was going to be close with some pretty angry looking clouds gathering over the mountains that always accompany me on my days run and have dominated the skyline to my left since reaching the Pacific Coast again at the bottom of Guatemala.

I found Palmar Norte, the town that links the two separate highways that run though the middle of CR and forms the Interamerican once more, I found a great hotel, clicked the air-con to high, had a shower and watched Jarryd Hayne's 49ers win for the first time in a month!!

I did my mapping for the week and sent a million emails in preparation for my return to the real world. 

I'm two nights away from Panama boarder.