Day 168 - 49kms


The first 20kms of today wet by really quickly, someday it's like that. I feel like I have only just started and I check the map and I'm already halfway there.

It's slowly changing from a desire to get the kms done for the day and get out of the afternoon heat to now with only 3 weeks until I hit Panama City to wanting to be out experiencing the run for longer each day. 

I am starting to slow my pace down, stop and look and things more ad take my time with meals and things.

It feels like it is coming to an end now, which I have mixed feels about.

I will be happy to not be dripping in sweat for 8 hours a day and stink everyday, but I will miss the adventure, and the people I have been lucky enough to meet. 

Life at home is far easier than what it is out here. I feel like I have such a great perspective of what is important to me back in my normal life now.

My family was very important to me before I left, I had learnt the importance of family in my mid 20's but now even more so after this experience. 

I want to work hard and I want to continue its RFTB's. I'm excited to see what opportunities opens up for it. 

I followed the bends in the road as it followed the curves in the coast line. I could here the ocean every minute. Interestingly, I have listened to music as I have run less and less. I thin the reason being I have wanted to feel more connected to this land mass more and more as I have for on.

I want to hear the animals as they scurry off into the bushes and I defiantly want to hear the encouraging  beeps Imogen horns as car go by me and the locals doing the mandatory "buenos" when I get into their space.

I came up on Uvita in expectedly, it was just sort of there when I rounded a bend, I must have been deep in thought about one thing or another. My brain ticks a million miles a minute at the moment; so mic to get my head around.

I knew they was a hotel/hostel just off the highway and I quickly found a door room and showered. 

I was sitting writing this when I met Tim. An English guy with one of the most incredible stories I have heard. He and I hung out all afternoon. 

I was in bed by 9 and asleep by 10. 

I also put a load of clothes through the wash. And there was a dryer!!! First time my clothes had been truly dry in weeks. It's far to humid for anything to completely dry at this time of the year.