Day 166 - 55kms


I woke up tired this morning, I not sure when my last day off was but I felt like a while ago and I had been pulling big days out on the road to set myself up nicely to cruise into Panama City for the 6th.

I said to myself I would do one more day and then have a rest tomorrow, and with that I had a coffee whilst getting my things together and was out the door just before 6.

Pure coastal running today, a few spikes around some of the headlands but for the most part I was eye level with the waves.

I ran past beach after beach until it was finally time to turn off the highway towards Manuel Antonio National park. I was to stay just outside of it. 

I found my intended hostel, it was a giant treehouse up high above the road. 

After cooling down, I walked down the hill to the nearby town to look for some new shorts. My only pair ripped through the crotch. I found a pair. They will do fine. My fashion sense that was so important to me 5 years ago is now non existent. It is your words and actions that are important, not what you choose to clothes yourself in. 

That night change when I get back into the real word, but for now it's not on the radar.