Day 165 - 52kms


I opened my eyes to see Orlando's legs not far from my tent, it was 4:45am and he was just getting to work. He said hello and said he would put some coffee on for us. 

Orlando spoke fluent English after a stint in the Middle East, don't really know how he ended up there, but he spoke English and Arabic. 

I sat with him and ate breakfast once the ladies turned up at about 5:15am.

I was in the road by 5:45, I was heading to Jaco, a much famed tourist town that had both hippy influence and numerous casinos. 

One of the top spots for Americans to spend there Sunmer vacations, I was intrigued to see for my self if it was a tour trap or a slice of paradise I the mid pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

I was hard yards to get there, the day was centred around climb that headed slightly inland away from the coast towards San Jose and then a steady decline back down towards the coast for the last 25kms.  

I came into Jaco in pretty good shape considering the amount amount of kms I had covered in the past 5 days and the I had been running downhill with 15kgs behind me for 4 hours.

It is the downhill that takes it out of your legs after high mileage. The impact. Not the climbing. 

I found a hostel just on the otherwise of the centre of town owned by a Argentinian couple. Both artist and it certainly showed in their hostel. 

It was a small business that was shown plenty of love. 

I went for a swim in the afternoon and found a local eatery to fill up the tank at. 

I am really starting to enjoy Costa Rica. I dot want to look at how mic I have spent as it is far more expensive that Nica/Guata/Salvador, but it is a very very beautiful place, the wildlife is amazing and the vegetation feels full tropical. 

I was the only one on the hostel tonight. Had the place to myself (Costa Rica tourism is 70% American, and Americans don't travel in October) LOW SEASON!