Day 164 - 64kms


I left Canas today with a feeling of renewed enthusiasm, I had a feeling that mentally am I was ready to veto top of things again after a week of questioning my abilities and some recent decisions.

I knew that run would come down to my capacity to stay in the game mentally. Your body can always keep I going as long as your a willing it to. 

It was in fact until now that I really understood or experienced the mental hardship a challenge like this puts you up against. At the beginning it was just the sheer amount of mileage I needed to get through, but that a relatively simple situation to get your head around. The answer is to keep running and the mileage can only decrease. 

This end of the run I am dealing with far more complex dilemmas. Questions like, has all this been worth it? How will affect me when I get back home? What is in store or my future? These are questions I am asking myself 8-10 hours a day whilst out running. 

But, today was the day that I found my groove and set my sights on Panama City. I just the spring in my step and began to get on the front foot in the way in which I was planning and approaching the finish. 

I decided to was going to run to a town call Puntarenas, a big port town for both commercial but also cruise ship. 

I banged out over 60kms and could have gone another 10km. 

I was hungry at about 3:30pm so I stopped at a little eatery on the side of the highway surrounded by mechanics and workshops. I have some excellent beans, rice and chicken and then whilst I was paying, asked the lady behind the counter if there was anywhere to camp or the night, she immediately pointed over my shoulder to a man sitting on the table behind who was covered in engine oil. 

His name was Orlando and he was the owner of the eatery and mechanic workshops circling it. 

I ask him the same question and he said "just camp right here. We close at 5pm, come back then and make it your home for the night". I thanked him and informed him that was going to go for a swim in the ocean and would be back to set up just after five. 

I wet and found the ocean and had a dip. I watch the locals fish for dinner and admired the Nicoya peninsular I the distance. I place that hold NYC fascination for me but unfortunately won't have the chance to is it this trip. 

I was back at Orlando's eatery at 5:10, tent was set up by 5:45 and in was lights out by about 6:15.