Day 161 - 46kms


Boarder crossing alert! Today is the day I leave my beloved Nicaragua and cross into the much talked about Costa Rica. With rumours of its high prices and tourist traps I am intrigued to see how the country treats a man and his cart. 

From the coast it was a quick scoot back up to the Interamerican highway and then I turned right and started the count down of southern kms. This morning the count was at 1005kms with a month to go.

I ran a few hours to the boarder full of anticipation as to hat kind of experience I was going to have crossing it. Once I arrived it became clear tat it was a busy, slightly disorganised setup with plenty of locals looking for fin used tourist to make a cheap buck. We'll not me, you won't be getting a cent out of me. 

I have one to pride myself on the way in which I can negotiate my way through things like this. The last thing I want to be thought of as is a clueless tourist. I am a traveller down to the core, there isn't a tow I wot visit or a eatery I won't eat at. I am here to experience every little detail no matter how ugly it may be.

After going through the formalities of customs and imitation to was in Costa Rica. My second last country to conquer. 

Immediately the road was skirted by thick rainforest, howler monkeys were doing their mating calls and birds were swooping from one side of the road to the other.

I need to reach la Cruz today, it would make it a 46kms day for me which included a boarder crossing which is defiantly satisfactory in my books.  

After a couple of hours rolling up a slow incline through dense Forrest I reached La Cruz. 

I medium sized town with a few hotels. 

After again trying my cards in the 3 ATM in town, it became clear I had a problem. No access to money! 

I paid for my $40 hotel with eftpos and got an early nights sleep.....after the hotel owner sympathetically gave me a bowl of pasta for dinner. I was very thankful as I was the first food to pass my lips since the night before.