Day 163 - 48kms

The Third day in CR was a tough one. 

It was hot straight running and the entire stretch of highway had road works going on. Major road works. One of the locals said it was the same company that did the Panama Canal that was doing this work. 

The thing that got me was the amount of dust and dirt in the air thrown up from the passing trucks. 

I was inhaling a lot of dust and my sweaty skin was plastered with it by the days end. 

I met a Swiss guy who had lived in CR for 55 years. Absolute genius. He worker or the Swiss government I CR his whole life before buying a restaurant. I stopped they to buy a small water and small coke (sugar). Ended up having a great chat with him. He is sure the Nicaraguan Canal won't go ahead. Charged me $5 for my drinks. After the chat we had I half thought he wouldn't charge me at all. 

Canas offered little I the attractions department so after a short walk to the Mao square to have a look at the church, I grabbed some food and bunkered down in the air-con for the evening.

Keeping my body temp cool is a major priority with the amount of kms I have to do in this intense heat. 

The soon I can lower my core temp after the days run, the sooner my muscles stop cooking. It makes it a hell of a lot easier the day after to put in a strong performance. 

I sent some emails and did some good research in the evening in bed.

I feel like I am starting to get out of of this mental funk I have been in for a week now, starting to find my mojo again.

These slumps used to be very common for me a few years ago, but nowadays they are very rare. But for the last week I have certainly been a little off.

Thankfully now I have learnt to reach out to my family and lived ones. I now know they are their to support me and I no longer recluse myself and turn to the beers and drugs.

Feeling a lot more positive and starting I get the right perspective back about what I am doing here.

I have opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world everyday!!!!