Day 162 - 50kms

After meeting an amazing couple who we're riding there motor bikes wherever the wind took them, I arrange that they would lend me some money and I could transfer it to them electronically. 

I was off to Liberia, Costa Ruca second largest town. Today I became clear to me how different a economic state Costa Rica is in compared to the countries I had been running through for the last 6 months. 

Concrete buildings now replaced wood and tiles lay on their roofs in place of thatched. 

The majority of the cars going by me would pass the safety inspection back home in Aus and the phone people used were way smarter. 

I was getting so used to the poverty, I was enjoying it. The people were humble and the kids were easily amazed. 

In my short time in Costa Rica, I haven't had the looks of amazement as I run by small communities on the faces of the locals. Tourism here is massive! I hope they don't thin I am another on of the cattle catching tour shuttles to the next hot spot with the rest of them. 

The whole day I had Volcan National Park to my left, it is a Jurassic Park looking set of volcanos that is part of a massive spine that run all the way down the country. 

This area is far more worked and the majority of it is cleared for farming purposes.

I reached Liberia, a hot, dusty cowboy town and found the hostel I wanted to stay in. And an ATM that worked!!!

Watched some rugby and got some dinner. Another uneventful evening. 

I am defiantly more  interesting in the first half of the day this year!!