6 months to go!

So this week marks the 6 months to go point in my preparation for Running From The Blues.....a 6 month journey into uncharted territories both physically and personally.

Although much of my though over the past year has been going into the logistics of the run, in the past few weeks it has now firmly swung to the physical aspect of what i am attempting the do. running 170+ kms a week for months on end will push my body to a place it has never gone before.

With this swing in focus comes with it a lot more time out on the road/trails in an effort to best prepare my body for the challenge that lays in front of me next year.

I will be going into plenty of detail in the coming 12 months about my trip, why I have choosen to do this and how I plan to pull it off.

Get on board guys, It going to be a great ride.