Trip prep

There is a huge amount to organise for a trip of this magnitude. the bulk of which is making sure I have the right gear for the run. This includes things like eclectics, communication, navigation, shoes, apparel, camping gear, security measures and first aid. All of which need to functional enough for me to pull under my own steam on a cart I will haul along behind me.

Sponsorship is becoming important and I am luckily getting a fair bit of interest from companies that want to get involved and generously offer some of their product to me for the trip.......more to come on that later

With all of this organising I need to keep my mmd from loosing sight on the most important ingredient for this trip to work.....the running. Now being 5 1/2 months out from leaving Australia, my training has kicked up a notch with the help of a new running coach.

talk soon