Day 183 - 16kms

This was the day I had worked so hard to get to the. It inward the Victoria lap to the biggest challenge of my life.

After eventually meeting the boys at our meeting spot and sitting with them for a moment, it was time to start making our way into Panama City, I had planned to finish the run up the top of Ancon Hill. It was a well known lookout at the south of the city.

The day took a fairly steep turn for the worse with me noticing I had some pretty bad stomach issues. I spent the rest of the time split evening between being curled over on my haunches and shuffling towards the biggest finish line of my life.

After reaching the bottom of Ancon hill, the dizzy spells had got bad but the feel of anticipation for wha was about to happen in my life got the upper hand.

I ran the 20 mins up the switch backs before reaching the top. Ash was standing there with her trade mark smile.

This was the moment I had been dreaming of for so many months, it was also the moment that signalled the end of my adventure, well at least the first part of this new adventure.


I spent the early part of the afternoon throwing up in the shower and struggling to get through a Panama Beer.

I was the happiest person on the planet.


I had finished my run, I had completed the challenge and I had single handedly turned my life around.


The Support I have received from family, friends and strangers has impacted me on the deepest level. I honestly couldn't have done it without your support.  


Thank all all. 







Day 182 - 26kms

I was up be 4:45am. I truck woke me up as it let its air breaks sound whilst  hauling by the fire station.

I decided to get up and and write some emails with the extra 45mins I had up my sleeve.

I also spoke to my brother Dom, it was less that 12 hours until he leaves I come and see me. The is air of real excitement for my finish and the few days we get to hang out together over here.

I'm so pleased that the boys decided I make the effort and spend the cash to come over here. It has created something really special I hope.

It's not often that the three of us are in the same city let alone same room, so I just cannot wait.

The 26kms wet by quickly, my thoughts were emotion filled and full of reflection.

I found a hotel that wasnt far from where I was to meet my brothers the next morning and finish this thing with them.

I spent the night writing thank you emails with tear filled eyes.

Day 181 - 19kms


I woke up today know it would be a very special week in my life. It was the last Monday of my run and I knew that by midday Friday god willing, I will have completed the biggest challenge of my far. 

It was a simple plan and a low milage week, I had worked hard in Costa Rica and the top half of Panama to put myself in this position.

I had about 95km to the finish and 5 days to do it. This may seem a lot of running to some but at this stage at my run, I can do that milage running backward.

So I set out today in a great mood, I had 20km to the town I planned to stay at but if there was no decent accom options I could easily run on through.

It was a nice days run, mostly through farming industry. It's clear that the American influence in building the closer I get To the city and the canal. 

The US only handed back control of the Canal in the year 2000, at this time 500,000 US citizens moved back to the states, the economy struggled as a result and Panama decided to give Chinese free citizenship. These days you won't find a convince store or super market not owned and ran by a Chinese family.

I went to the hotel on the map in Chames, they wanted $50, so I gave it a miss. Next stop fire station. I was welcomed openly by the gets at the fire station even if my arrival did put a holt to their cards game.

Slept upstairs I an empty room. Ate across the road at the Chinese restaurant, world biggest fried rice!

Spent $7.55c today. A much needed cheap day as I am cutting it fine with the cash these days. 

Great day.

I hope you are all well, 


Day 179 - 30kms


Today was the fastest I had run all trip. I did that on purpose. I averaged 8.2kms per hour. That is about 1.2kms faster than my average. Bare in mind that in the Sierra Madre in Guatemala and Mexico some kilometres would take 20mins when going uphill, and some of those hills were 40kms long haha!

I guess the whole run I have always been in preservation mode, always trying to look after my self for tomorrow's run. 

Now I want to nave quick again, after so many months of moving slowly, I want to move fast.

That feeling of moving fast over the ground is one of the things that made me fall in love with running. 

It's nice I feel that again now that I know I have less that a week to go. 

I ran to Panama Surf Academy in Rio Mar today, owned by two surfer dudes Luis and Frederico. 

Luis cooked me a late breaky and I relaxed in the arvo, looked after my chafing thighs and re wrapped my every needy toes. 

I also watched the wallabies loose to a better team.

I so happy for all the guys in that squad, so man great efforts and stories to come out of the World Cup, the older gents stepped up and some of the guys that were thought to be kids proved them selves to be future leaders.

Special mention to Matt Giteau who I have the up most respect fe and Drew Mitchell. I am also so happy for  David, Michael, Berbard and Kurtley. I though Ben Mcallman had a great campaign. ACC was brilliant and they made us all proud.

Congrats to the All Blacks, the best team in the world proved themselves once more. Very deserving champions. 

I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. 

I ran through the 100kms mark today! Crazy


Day 178 - Restday


I didn't do a huge amount today.

Ate some fish that was caught about 25 mins before it was on my place and swam in the ocean plenty. 

I'm all very emotional and full of reflection.

It's nice to feel like I am winding down after what must be the best part of a year on full throttle to make this thing a success. I a determined to make this only the start of my life in health, wellbeing and trying to spread my message. But for now, this challenge of running Central America. I can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel. The hard yards are done, literally. 114kms to go. 


Day 177 - 38kms


Yesterday signalled the last day that I would have to run an ultra-marathon, this meant that from here on in I would only be doing 42kms or shorter I reach my planned destination for the evening. 

Today's destination being Farallon. I small beach village that is kind of stuck I the middle of resort towns, in really not sure how they have kept there authenticity whilst neighbouring villages have all sold up big and had 30 story resort buildings built in place of the fishing shacks. 

I instantly loved this place and was so happy I found a kind, quiet little village to have what would be my last day off in before reaching the finish. 

I stayed at a tiny hostel that when I turned up the lady said they were closed but after a short chat he said she would be happy to open for the night but I would have to put up with some mess from the painting her and he husband were doing. Perfect.

I wet to the mini supermarket and bought some chicken and rice, a few onions and a garlic and made a delicious lunch. I walk to the end of the village where there was a little bar on the beach and order a cold beer. I swam in the ocean. I was so happy. 

I have 4 days on the coast before turning slightly inland for the remainder of my route to the Big Smoke. 


Day 176 - 47kms


I left Aquadulce with a ever growing feeling that the experience was coming to an end and that I needed to see, small and hear everything around for if I didn't it would only be me missing out o all of the beautiful detail that this part of the word has to offer. 

As it turns out, today's run didn't had a whole lot of super interesting things along the way no matter how hard I tried to seek them out. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the days run or learn a little more about Panama. It's just there was no waterfalls next to the road or dozens of animals around. 

Penomone was the main town for the state named after it. It is the only state or territory in the world to have coastline I two oceans. Both the Pacific and the Atlantic in this case, with only 214kms on land in between them.

Penomone wasn't a tourist town but i don't mind that at all. I love I see locals live as though they would if there wasn't tourist industry around that they needed to comply to. The restaurants don't serve anything but local food, the people don't speak anything but Spanish and there isn't giant Advertising signs everywhere.

I stayed in a little hotel with a pool. It rain harder than I had seen in months that afternoon. I sat on a veranda typing emails as it gushed over the rims of every gutter in site.

It rained again at night. Sounded like there was a marching band practicing on the roof of my room. 

I didn't mind. I fall asleep pretty quickly these days.


Day 175- 43kms


I was heading for Aquadulce today. A towns name that translates to Sweet water,  was intrigued to see if the vibe lived up to the title.

I got into town around 1pm after some nice running through big business agriculture. 

Plenty of million dollar corn mills and large scale livestock setups. I guess being prime land and only 200kms from Panama City and the Canal makes it a pretty sort after area for Ag companies.

The town was nice, it had a nice little square, nothing as quaint as the towns in Rural Mexico or Guatemala, but certainly a lot cutie than most of the towns I have seen recently sines sticking in close proximity to the InterAmerican Highway.

Stay the night in a Hostel which had AC and cable TV. 

So naturally I put the AC on full blast and watched sport. It was the first time I 3 or 4 days I could cool down and allow myself I really relax. It also had a hot shower, so after sitting on the floor of the shower for 5 mins I did my stretches and had a good scrub.

Tomorrow I go to Penomone, another decent sized town before shooting back to the coast. 

Not long now guys. Not long at all.

Cherishing every Kms I run. 

Day 174 - 45kms


Odd day today. It started with the highly entertaining event of a protest block the construction clad Interamerican. The disgruntled crown strategically choose a section of the road works that forced the normally 3 lane wife highway in a single lane pass. 

It meant they was a giant traffic jam next to me most of my morning. 

It meant even more strange looks that I usually get and plenty of vocal encouragement. 

My energy crashed around lunchtime, for the first time in months I opted for so sugar energy and bought some cookies to give the boost to get through the remainder of my kms for the day. 

I feel like I'm in a really iterated place mentally, I am suffering some pretty bad fatigue after the big milage I did in Costa Rica and I'm also less than two weeks from my goal. It makes so a weird mix of emotions, I think the excitement is winning out at the moment, but it does mean I will sleep for a week after I finish in the City.

I finished my day with a meeting of a stranger called Danny, I quickly started talking I him and he sauces red I jump in his car so he could drop me 3kms down a nearby dirt road to a beach. I slept the night in my LoneRider tent with a nice cross wind and the crash of the pacific oceans against the beach.


I woke up today know I had a bland day of running, so I packed up my tent and went for it. 

I was consumed by thoughts of my future for most of the day, in fact most days are now primarily filled with thoughts of my near and far future. 

Running has helped me greatly in prioritising what's important in my life, it's something about suffering on a physical basis that can clear your mental frame of mind up.

By going travelling and experiencing other cultures that gives you far better perspective of your own life. Where you fit in, how fortunate you are.

So you can imagine running as much as I have and experience the whole of Central America in sic details how much clarity I have right now. It's is clear what I want to achieve next year. 

I finished the days run along side a beach again and decided to camp on the sand. 

Panama safety concerns are not as high as other places in Central America. The country has a strong economy and a fair government. 

Petty crime is around in country where the people a desperate and have no support from above them.

I spent the arvo hanging around a blowhole on the point at one end of the beach and exploring the island at the other end of the beach once the tide went down and it was able to be reach by foot.

Not a person in sight, just the birds and monkeys and me. I hike back up to local eatery from an early dinner whilst watching the sunset and was into my tent by the time it was dark and the bugs had there chance to get me. 


50k on the nose today in Santiargo. The biggest town for a few days and one that has plenty of American food places, banks and shops. 

It's was particularly hot today and I guess I was getting slightly negative towards the end of the run.

I was uncomfortable, I hadn't showered in a few days. Staying as comfortable as possible is a priority on the heat. At this stage of the run, it is not a question of if my legs can run the required distance or if I can hydrate enough, it is more like keeping my feet from getting soggy and blistering from my socks being drenched fro sweat coming down my legs, keeping my skin in ok condition considering the 8 hours of blistering heat it is exposed to and trying to do as good a job at damage control on my thigh chafe.

It really effects my moral when I am uncomfortable. Little things like my eye lids stinging from the continuous of wiping the sweat off them before it gets in my eyes, I know that sounds petty, but it get to you after a while.

I happy to be getting through the kms and proud that I am still bringing this much energy to the table this late in the challenge. 

I stayed in a rank Chinese hotel. I mean, not the worst I've stayed in, but not far off it.

Day 173 - Restday


I spent today enjoying the mountain feel of Boquete. I little town wedged high up in the Boquete Valley. 

The temperature was vastly cooler than I had become accustom to since dropping down to sea level out of the Sierra Madre mountain range I the south of Guatemala a couple of months ago. 

I came as welcome relief, I could feel my cells retaining fluid that would usually be burnt up. 

The tow had a cute little Central square with a couple of older colonial style council building around it exterior and lots of little bakeries and gift shops. 

The hostel was brilliant, it had bee a least a week since I had had a conversation with someone who spoke English as their first language and so it was nice to have a few decent conversations. 

My Spanish is getting pretty good within a. Limited range of topics. Obviously ordering food, accommodation, why I am out here and basic pleasantries are all areas that I can hold my own in. But it is nice to have a bit more of an in depth chat every once in a while.

Tomorrow I will be running to San Lorenzo.....I think. I know this next 150kms has a whole lot of nothing. Seems to me like most of the population and consequently the accommodation options are further in the southern parts of the country, or certainly closer to the Capital.


Day 172 - 54kms


Today was interesting, I was to cross the boarder first up and then run to David. From there, I needed to get a bus off my route North East up into the mountains to sleep at a town called Boquete. It would be this same town I will check out tomorrow on my day off. Recently voted in the top 5 places I the world to retire. 

I crossed the boarder after some back and forth to a couple different offices and the a wait behind a bunch of tourist that pulled up in their massive bus about 90 seconds before I got there, kind of annoying.

After getting my passport stamped and going to the ATM to get some US dollars (Panamanian balboa are non existent) I was off. It was a long straight grind to reach David. Once I did I ran by a giant house fire and multiple American fast food outlets. I found the bus terminal that was sending buses up to Boquete in the mountains. 

I was ready for a day off, really big 5 day effort, 

I'm going to be interested to see just how much US influence is present I Panama. It certainly looks like Panama has really bought into the American culture or maybe America just never left after handing over the control of the canal 450kms south of here. 

I couldn't believe the drop in temp from when I got on the bus at David compared to when I got off an hour later in Boquete. It reminded me of my times I the mountains in Mexico or Gustemala. 

Central America is incredible how it can pack so many different environments into such a small area. One of the main reasons I pick this slab of earth to run through.

Found the hostel and ate for the first tine in Panama. I'm hoping it isn't as expressive as Costa Rica. Funds are running low. 


Day 171 - 37kms


Today was slightly shorter. The distance that the town I slept at last night was an odd length from the boarder. Boarder crossings can take some time and the first really town on the Panama aside of the boarder was 20kms away. 

In the end I didn't want to risk doing it all in one lot, getting stuck in a long line at the boarder and then leaving my self exposed. With not a bed or any food options in sight. 

I have come to the conclusion that I do like to camp, but with these hot days and long distances. Am covering, I am going to try to find a hotel. It's not the sleeping aspect tat is the big difference for me. It's the access to tap water, access to being able to was myself and and fan to cool down. With the tap water being suitable to drink in both Costa Rica and Panama, I have been saving about $10 a day in not having to purchase the 8 or 10 litres to have been consuming daily. So although camping is a cheaper option, the pros out way the cons in taking a cheap hotel room. It not the comfort factor, i don't think twice about what the room looks like or what wall paper they have chosen to go with and of it suits the rest of the decor in the room. The fact of it is 90% of the rooms I stay in at exposed damp brick, with a bed, a basin and maybe a red plastic chair sitting I the corner. 

It was exciting know this was my last day of running in Costa Rica. It was the country that I identified early on in the trip to really push some limits in. I feel I have done that, my average day must be up near 50kms and with only one day off in 12 days, I feel my application was good also. 

Sometimes, particularly late on in the challenge I just need something small to motivate for the days run. Today was that fact that it would be my last in Costa Rica.

It must have Ben one of the hottest days of the run today. The heat is getting very intolerable!!!! I feel my muscles and organs burning when I'm out there. Even my throat gets sore for the hot air that I breathe in.

I reached the boarder in a bit of a state, I found a hotel in a bit of a state. After what must of been a rocked check in time, I walked straight into the room, into the bathroom and sat fully clothed under a cold shower for 15 mins. Trying to stop my insides from frying any longer. 

I felt bad abut the amount of water I used in the shower but I thought I would have been forgiven if I had a chance to explain why such a long shower was needed. 

I had some of the best food I had had in Costa Rica. Once and 2pm after my shower, I then proceeded to go back to the same restaurant at 5pm and 8pm to get repeats of the same dish. (Pictured). It's called Casados and it is CR's national dish. So good for you and perfect fuel.



Day 170 - 52kms


I got on the road reluctantly this morning, my body was tired, and I felt I might of just been starting to loose the battle to stay hydrated in these 38 degree 100% humidity parts of our beautiful world.

I was heading to Rio Claro, which I can only translate to English saying "of course River", so already I liked the towns positive attitude. 

Today was steady, rolling hills through some of the more rural and intimately poorer parts of Costa Rica. Back to the same architecture that I was so used to seeing in the northern parts of my run; wooden shacks and thatched roofs, lots of family activity happening around the home and more animals in the yards.

I was spent by the days end. I was also hungry, so I stopped at a place on the highway about halfway through Rio Claro, I had some great food and opted to stay in one of the room they kept universe the Soda (local restaurant), 

Needless to say I was I bed by about 6pm. I fell asleep listening to another one of the ever increasing down pours that roll over evening evening like clockwork. 

Day 169 - 45kms


I woke up for of gusto (that's right Gusto) after such a great afternoon with Tim, I was looking forward to a day of reflecting on some of his words and processing my thoughts on them.

Today went really quickly, which is now what I want as I have less than 20 days of running to go. I spent most of the afternoon looking up into the trees to see f I could spot any monkey after seeing two hanging from a tree right above my head in the morning. 

I also saw a couple of bilbi looking things.

Costa Rica is bursting with biodiversity, the animals and plants here are blowing my mind. The other day came out of my dorm room to find two fully grown Toucans sitting on the railing 2 meters away from me. I thought to myself that people in Sydney pay $38 to visit Taronga Zoo to see this kind of stuff. 

I finished my day at Palmar Norte, I was running fast today but the rain beat me by about 10 minutes. I knew it was going to be close with some pretty angry looking clouds gathering over the mountains that always accompany me on my days run and have dominated the skyline to my left since reaching the Pacific Coast again at the bottom of Guatemala.

I found Palmar Norte, the town that links the two separate highways that run though the middle of CR and forms the Interamerican once more, I found a great hotel, clicked the air-con to high, had a shower and watched Jarryd Hayne's 49ers win for the first time in a month!!

I did my mapping for the week and sent a million emails in preparation for my return to the real world. 

I'm two nights away from Panama boarder.

Meeting Tim


Tim walked into the hostel I was staying at about an hour after I had arrived. I had already had a shower and was sitting on one of the lounge setups checking email on the laptop in front of me. 

He walked in and started speaking to the owner, I was English and seen to be a really friendly guy. 

Out on the road you can tell if people have been at it a long time by the state of their clothes and the amount of facial hair. It was clear that Tim had been out here a while. 

My interest grew when I over heard him ask the hotel owner where a suitable place to put his bike would be. 

He disappeared for about 10 mins and walk back in the same door with a fully stacked Surly touring bike. He had the lot. 

He found a place near to where I was sitting and started filling out some GPS spots and doing his daily log, I was doing much the same at the time. 

He eventually introduced himself and we started chatting. I told him I was running and he was enthused by that. 

He rather quickly told me some of the details of his cycling journey. he and his wife decided to ride around the planet.   He had left the far north of Europe 2.5 years ago and rode down to Cape Town with his wife. They then got on a plane to Chile and started their journey north back up to Alaska.

This was a serious ride. It was a ride around the world. 

The story has a sad middle bit. In Bolivia, his wife of 6 year and partner of 16 years  was hit and killed by a car whilst out riding. He didn't see the accident as he was a few hundred meters ahead, but by the time he had got to the scene of the accident his wife was dead. 

I was shocked for a split second at what I had just heard but quickly processed it and we began to talk in detail. 

I can relate because just like them, I had people say you are silly to put your self so close to danger and I know what it is like to live in the roads and the amount of effort it takes to keep safe. I guess the thought would have gone through their minds that it might happen, but for it to happen and the result to be fatal is just horrible. 

The next part of him story is why I won't forget him.

Tim had to go home, clearly there was a lot to organise and family to see. He was only home for 10 months.

Tim said when he was home it was a bad time. He wasn't sleeping and eventually got on medication. 

In not sure why but Tim then decided to take a very aggressive approach to moving on and processing his loss. He took it head on. 

The first thing he did was celebrate their wedding anniversary solo I the same way that they had done every year together. 

He then felt compelled to go back to Bolivia and complete what they had both started a few years earlier. 

For a normal English guy from Devin to have that kind of strength and resilience makes him great. He is not a famous bike rider, or anything out of the ordinary, and he proves that you don't need to be that to be great. 

We are all doing these massive challenges for one reason or another. I personally struggle with my thoughts being left alone with then for 8 hours a day but I can't imagine the cant of thought Tim would be processing out here. Doing the exact same thing that he and his wife shared only 18 months ago. 

We ate lunch together, went to a waterfall in the afternoon and compared notes and gear I the evening. 

The whole time Tim was saying things that really made sense to me. 

He said the biggest thing he was happy about is that he and his wife didn't have any regrets. He said they were the kind of people that if they said they would do something, they would do it. 

I want to be that kind of person. The kind of person who can sit on his chair at 80 years old and know that he lived hard and not have missed an opportunity to experience all that the world had to offer.

Tim said "life can be shit, but the world is an amazing place".

This whole run I have been thinking about riding around the world on a bike. I think it is the ultimate way to travel. 

So now after meeting Tim and hearing his story I am outing it out into the Universe...... I am going to ride around the world on a bicycle: Riding From The Blues?

I think Tim is a real life modern day explorer, both on a physical basis but also mentally, I really admire the attitude he has taken towards life after his whole world was turned upside down. 

One thing I learnt only 2 years ago and am so passionate about now is, you need to always be prepared to learn, always be prepared to listen to others, because you never know when you will meet someone that can really teach a lot. I so glad I learnt that at a young age. I have learn so much from Family members, strangers and fellow explorers sines I started listening to others. 

Tim has been offered TV deals and all sort but isn't interested in any of it. He makes his decisions for him and Doesn't want other dictating them. He is a lovely, friendly guy and I'm really glad I met him.

Good luck getting to Alaska Tim. 

What your doing is greatness.  You are proof that you don't need to be a someone to reach greatness.

Day 168 - 49kms


The first 20kms of today wet by really quickly, someday it's like that. I feel like I have only just started and I check the map and I'm already halfway there.

It's slowly changing from a desire to get the kms done for the day and get out of the afternoon heat to now with only 3 weeks until I hit Panama City to wanting to be out experiencing the run for longer each day. 

I am starting to slow my pace down, stop and look and things more ad take my time with meals and things.

It feels like it is coming to an end now, which I have mixed feels about.

I will be happy to not be dripping in sweat for 8 hours a day and stink everyday, but I will miss the adventure, and the people I have been lucky enough to meet. 

Life at home is far easier than what it is out here. I feel like I have such a great perspective of what is important to me back in my normal life now.

My family was very important to me before I left, I had learnt the importance of family in my mid 20's but now even more so after this experience. 

I want to work hard and I want to continue its RFTB's. I'm excited to see what opportunities opens up for it. 

I followed the bends in the road as it followed the curves in the coast line. I could here the ocean every minute. Interestingly, I have listened to music as I have run less and less. I thin the reason being I have wanted to feel more connected to this land mass more and more as I have for on.

I want to hear the animals as they scurry off into the bushes and I defiantly want to hear the encouraging  beeps Imogen horns as car go by me and the locals doing the mandatory "buenos" when I get into their space.

I came up on Uvita in expectedly, it was just sort of there when I rounded a bend, I must have been deep in thought about one thing or another. My brain ticks a million miles a minute at the moment; so mic to get my head around.

I knew they was a hotel/hostel just off the highway and I quickly found a door room and showered. 

I was sitting writing this when I met Tim. An English guy with one of the most incredible stories I have heard. He and I hung out all afternoon. 

I was in bed by 9 and asleep by 10. 

I also put a load of clothes through the wash. And there was a dryer!!! First time my clothes had been truly dry in weeks. It's far to humid for anything to completely dry at this time of the year.

Day 166 - 55kms


I woke up tired this morning, I not sure when my last day off was but I felt like a while ago and I had been pulling big days out on the road to set myself up nicely to cruise into Panama City for the 6th.

I said to myself I would do one more day and then have a rest tomorrow, and with that I had a coffee whilst getting my things together and was out the door just before 6.

Pure coastal running today, a few spikes around some of the headlands but for the most part I was eye level with the waves.

I ran past beach after beach until it was finally time to turn off the highway towards Manuel Antonio National park. I was to stay just outside of it. 

I found my intended hostel, it was a giant treehouse up high above the road. 

After cooling down, I walked down the hill to the nearby town to look for some new shorts. My only pair ripped through the crotch. I found a pair. They will do fine. My fashion sense that was so important to me 5 years ago is now non existent. It is your words and actions that are important, not what you choose to clothes yourself in. 

That night change when I get back into the real word, but for now it's not on the radar. 


Day 165 - 52kms


I opened my eyes to see Orlando's legs not far from my tent, it was 4:45am and he was just getting to work. He said hello and said he would put some coffee on for us. 

Orlando spoke fluent English after a stint in the Middle East, don't really know how he ended up there, but he spoke English and Arabic. 

I sat with him and ate breakfast once the ladies turned up at about 5:15am.

I was in the road by 5:45, I was heading to Jaco, a much famed tourist town that had both hippy influence and numerous casinos. 

One of the top spots for Americans to spend there Sunmer vacations, I was intrigued to see for my self if it was a tour trap or a slice of paradise I the mid pacific coast of Costa Rica. 

I was hard yards to get there, the day was centred around climb that headed slightly inland away from the coast towards San Jose and then a steady decline back down towards the coast for the last 25kms.  

I came into Jaco in pretty good shape considering the amount amount of kms I had covered in the past 5 days and the I had been running downhill with 15kgs behind me for 4 hours.

It is the downhill that takes it out of your legs after high mileage. The impact. Not the climbing. 

I found a hostel just on the otherwise of the centre of town owned by a Argentinian couple. Both artist and it certainly showed in their hostel. 

It was a small business that was shown plenty of love. 

I went for a swim in the afternoon and found a local eatery to fill up the tank at. 

I am really starting to enjoy Costa Rica. I dot want to look at how mic I have spent as it is far more expensive that Nica/Guata/Salvador, but it is a very very beautiful place, the wildlife is amazing and the vegetation feels full tropical. 

I was the only one on the hostel tonight. Had the place to myself (Costa Rica tourism is 70% American, and Americans don't travel in October) LOW SEASON!